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Athena C. Beauchamp


Newalla, OK, US

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The Sandman


Athena C. Beauchamp

As I tuck you into bed, I smile.
You are so beautiful, my child.
God bestowed a great honor on me,
by sending you to be my little girl.

As you drift off to sleep,
I kiss you and say
" the sandman is sprinkling sand in your eyes."
Almost like magic...
Your warm amber brown eyes
start to flutter and slowly close.
As I watch you drifting away
into that special dreamland,
where you can play and play.

You smile in your sleep,
I know you are there.Greeted by friends
that has also gotten there.
You can find anything there,
toys you may never see.
Games you have never played,
mountains so high they reach through the clouds,
but in dreamland ,
you can run all the way up and down again.
Play in the sea,
never to drown,
in dreamland you see.
Nothing to fear.
Nothing is impossible there.

Remember this place for future use,
you can go there for any reason.
Meeting me there will be easy you see.
If for some reason I have to leave you.
I will always be there
waiting on you...

The Porch


Athena C. Beauchamp

As I sit on my porch
watching the clouds roll across the night sky.
My mind wanders to you...
Wondering what you are doing,
are you thinking of me?

The distant sound of the coyotes
is suddenly stopped by the lonesome call of the wolf.
He is howling so mournfully.
Wanting his loved on to come to him.
Calling, he pauses to listen for her.
He calls once more...

Suddenly, the call of the female
so beautiful the wail...
I look, a shadowy figure moving in front of me.
As I gaze into her eyes,
I see a piece of myself...
Knowing the pain you have to bear...
Walk on , my friend, go to him.
As he is calling for you.

The shadows grow long in the meadow
as I see you going to him,
by the light of the moon.
He appears,walking so proudly to her.
Slowly she touches her nose to his.
Gently kissing him,
he rubs against her side,
as her tail curls on her back.

Watching as the pair walk into the night.
I see the love and compassion they hold.

Running through the timber
searching the night.
Together as the sun brings first light.
Looking to the east,
the dawn is beautiful as the colors appear.
The start of the day...
peeping through the clouds as it shines our way.

Wondering what you are doing
I go into the house.
Wanting to hold you...
Searching the days for your call.
I wait...

Wait Not To Long


Athena C. Beauchamp

I read your words wondering at the depth of your resolve to
touch me
hold me
have me -
to know the soul that yearns to seal your love
in a crystal vessel, cherished for time immemorial.

My heart cries tears of love,
screams the misery of almost-touches.
Your lips the scent of a caress on my wanting cheek
my head tilts so as to capture your warm breath as it wafts into the air.

Tendering my love would be your fashion.
Come to me
not as compensation
but as the man who yearns after my heart,
burns to feel our souls meld and ignite
with a flame ten times that of our own.

Send away the dark Knight I see -
return the light of my dreams,
the drink to slake a lifelong thirst for my eternal love.

As the rose and the thorn are forever matched
she as his Queen and he as her Knight
do you hunger so for me?
Your battle is not there but here.
You shunned the love I proffered,
searing the passion in my soul.

You are the one adorned with a ring of harlots.
I wait as you go through the whores.
Tarry not long in your wanton sensual discourse.
The flame of my love burns brighter today in need of you,
yet tomorrow my die for want or your sustaining breath.

Mind well, Sir Knight --
While the world's women thrive on the passion of love,
vengeful is our response to the hurt of our hearts

Demons Of Frost


Athena C. Beauchamp

The demons of frost are coming this night
close the door.
Cold and heartless they trudge onward
trying to freeze the warmth from our bodies.
Like your love...
Covered by time
but remembered in my mind.
The hurt from your words
keep the pain coming strong.
This cold winter night
as snuggle with myself.
Wishing for release
from your bonds to my soul.
May the devil visit you
and take to you to hell...
For you have sentenced me

The City


Athena C. Beauchamp

Swishhhh cries the tires
throwing off the rain as I drive east.
Dim yellow lights of downtown
reflecting in the puddles
of the soft downpour.
Honking horns
hustle bustle...Yikes
The beauty taken
by the constant roar.
Sirens and motors running
Houses of rock, shingles and wood
some in no so good neighborhoods.
All seem to calm around midnight
seeking the silence and not much light.
All seeking rest
and morning light...
Fresh breeze
a memory...
Such is life in the city.
Switching lanes I head for darkness
of my place to be.
High on my mountain
with my little sweetie.
Indigo is the color of our night.
The call of the wild is the noise we know.
Far from the city
far from the glow...