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Jennifer Marie Bayer


Mysore, Karnataka, India

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A little boy orphan


Jennifer Marie Bayer

Me! A little boy orphan
All! Curiously gape at me so often

Grudgingly they spare me nourishment
Plate and tumbler my regular attachment
My clothes and playthings a separate nest
Why am I unlike the rest?

With passion and zest
They let me know I am untouchable
Verve and vigor for life enviable
I yearn to be treated like the rest

You know! You are born HIV positive
Me! A little boy orphan
Innocent of the consequences
Desire reprieve.

Ache in my lonesome heart
Soulless and powerless
They nudge me
Look forward
Your end is slow and painful
Is it my slipup?

Me! Born HIV positive?
Me! A little boy orphan!
Is it my fault?
Born HIV positive, I am!
Why me!

Oh! Mother


Jennifer Marie Bayer

Between then and now
Oh! Mother, I stand alone
My journey abounds with experiences
I wish you were around
To listen!

Between our village by lane and city street
My journey prolongs
In an Ashram with sisters like in my plight
I wish you were around
To feel!

How many years? I cannot fathom
Between you and I
Is but a flickering flame
A yawning crack
I wish you were around
We could carry on our voyage of love!