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Daryl Michael Batt


Palmerston North, NZ

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My Girls


Daryl Michael Batt

Beautiful smiles
Beautiful faces
Made from love
Mixed different races

Uniquely you
Uniquely mine
I planned you both
Before your time

I dared a dream
Idreamt of you
I held my breath
Now you are you

I closed my eyes
I thanked the stars
I leapt for joy
Both in my arms

But now i sit
And wonder why
The dreams i dreamt
Now make me cry
The stars i thanked
Now cry with me
The dreams i dreamt
will never be



Daryl Michael Batt

I pursue happy
For without it, I'm not
I sometimes find happy
In the things I have got

I sometimes find happy
In the things that I do
And I am happy
When I'm with you

I have found happy
Many a time
But started to realise
That happys not mine

For in all of my searching
And all my consumption
I have now learnt
This hard earnt assumption

That happy is fleeting
keeps getting away
Happys elusive
Happy wont stay

So I have searched all the world
I have searched everywhere
wanting to know
Why you disappear

And now I know why
Yes now I can see
That happys forever
When I'm happy with me

My Dad


Daryl Michael Batt

My dad
My dad
I wish I had
My dad
My dad
Can't be that bad

To tuck me in bed
And kiss me goodnight
All of that stuff
And turn out the light

Can't be that bad
To see me at school
Play with me soccer
Shoot with me pool

To ask you for money
Or borrow the car
And trust me dad
I wont drive it too far

To ask you a question
A question or two
to ask you when need be
What should I do?


It wasn't like that
No nothing at all
I did it myself
I did it all

I tucked myself in
I turned out my light
And to myself
I said goodnight

I took me to soccer
I took me to school
I took me to town
To shoot me some pool

I took myself shopping
I bought me a car
And trust me dad
I didn't drive it too far

I asked myself questions
I should have asked you
I asked me that question
What should I do?

No answer came though
No wisdom like you
Just a shrug of the shoulders
I ain't got a clue

So years have gone by now
Some happy
some sad
One things the same though
I'm still missing my dad