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Tom Bates


Arlington Hts., IL, US

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Tom Bates

Here lies
the body of my grandfather slain.
Cold, lonely, lifeless, at ease.
On this May morning, the ground beneath us waits
Thunder booms and lightning illuminates the sky.
It seems as if it came down and tore into our hearts
this horrible creature crept into his body
mutilated his internal organs
snaked along his insides and to his brain
and dove deeper until it hit his heart
ripped it to shreds, and covered it in grotesque ways.
But heís gone, better now and feels no pain.
But what about us? What now?
Stand here in the downpour and sob.
The harsh air shakes as if itís dying,
hairs on my arms and legs rise
the air exhales breaths of life into the dead
scaring the seeds of plants back to the shells in the ground
and back down to Brian.
When we leave, you, I, and they
thereíll be nothing to feel
nothing to do, but think of the memories
all thatís left is a casket 6 feet in the ground
that loses itself to the passing time