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Mark Bassett


Ankeny, IA, US

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Mark Bassett

Footsteps, closing on me, Where will they
come out next? They're stalking, watching
me, lurking in the shadows. Someday,
they'll get me. I have to run,
away from all those footsteps. DEAD END.
My God, they'll catch me. frantic,
searching, have to get away. must hide,
Where? I'm lost, wait, what's that?
an alley, didn't see before, hurry before
they find you. He'll see us, WATCH OUT!
No they won't find you, not if you're careful.
Footsteps, closing, closing..
We must hurry, find a way.
There they are, behind us, must get away.
Rooftops, only way to go.
Climbing, faster, before they spot you.
There. No, they followed, nowhere to go,
only down.
Maybe they'll go away,
No, they've seen me, must run,