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Mary's Eyes



The tears fall from Mary's eyes... soundlessly...
upon the desert floor.
The lilies spring up... through the cracked, lifeless, ground...
shattering the morning silence... with a deafening roar.
I look to the sky... to see the body of Christ... which is lifeless, bloody, broken and bound.
I start to cry... with a gentle understanding.
When vertigo envelopes me... I'm falling, spinning, out of control.
I wake in my bed... it is Sunday morning... I walk to the window, and stare outside.
The sun is burning away the fog on the ground... and somehow I know why.
That everything in life... has some hidden meaning.
Now the warm tears are streaming... down my face... and onto the floor.
As a single drop of rain... falls from the cloudless blue sky.
It lands on my window... and disperses into my soul.
To fill me full of everlasting love.
And to remind me... that the promise of the future... is a product... of the days gone by.
And before I went to sleep last night... I thought I heard an infant cry.
The gift of life through sacrifice... they never dreamed that I would die.
The moments we've shared... and the time we've spent...
Another day... has come and went.