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Stephanie Bartlett


Bellevue, NE, US

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Missing You


Stephanie Bartlett

She wept with tears of undying trust
In lands long hidden with aged dust,
She turned away from a phantom face,
And turned to part from the deathly place.
For in years long for gotten,
With memories i'll rotten
Lingered the ghost of her loves thief,
His early death enshrouded by grief
And there she met him once again.
As a vision facing now and then,
There had all times healing faltered,
For there had vision and thought altered,
And also did she seck to hold her love
In her human arms beneath the sky above,
Yet when she reached for her hearts desire,
The phantom flesh set her mind to fire
With loving arms and breasts so warm,
And as the boneless face turned to dust,
She wept with tears of undying trust.