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Darby Bartlett


Whitefish, MT, US

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Darby Bartlett

I see the hunger in his eyes,
The pleading in silent desperation.
I am his opus--
The controller of his will.
His eyes colse,
Sending trust to swarm around me
Like a thousand bees,
Or a blanket that never
Covers my toes, my nose,
Or hides my guilty face.
The honesty cracks,
My blacks protrude
Scaring red into hiding.
I am transparent,
A liar, a fake;
Yet he caanot see the world of black
In my words and eyes.
The stench of lies
Too much for my senses,
Comforts his naive mind,
Keeping him warm
On the coldest of nights.

He, alone,
Will learn--
Trust is too priceless a gift
To ever be given,
Especially to a girl like me.

Ode to Dani


Darby Bartlett

You've always been a scout, a guide,
The one who heeds the day.
You taught me how to hide inside,
Neither knowing any other way.

You trudged the path a step ahead
I followed close behind,
I watched each move, heard what you said,
Yet pretended I was blind.

I traced each step along your flight,
Through Sylvia Plath and alone,
I was too scared to put up a fight;
On I trudged, though no step was my own.

Suddenly, the time came about
When our paths and our lives would diverge.
I turned down my road, alone and without
You. It felt like a funeral dirge.

Looking back now, the tears start to fall
Because all we once shared is lost.
Between each of our hearts, there is a wall
Too high for either to cross.

So, my dear sister and wonderful friend
You are joining the path of true love.
Our time together has come to an end,
Rightfully, it is your heart, you are thinking of.

I can accept how both of us are,
How we finally just grew apart.
But I want you to know, no matter how far
You'll always be in my heart.

In Your Eyes


Darby Bartlett

You have the two most beautiful eyes
That I have ever seen.
Each one a deep, dark shade of blue
With just a touch of green.

They slice right through mere phoniness,
Cut right down to the core.
Deny the glories of success,
Trophies—What are they for?

They are content with happiness,
With family and love.
Not asking for the accolades
Just someone to think of.

They love the purple twilight,
They long to see the sun.
They appreciate Montana,
With each new day that dawns.

They search the soul both day and night,
To find a reason why.
Serene among the trees, the deer,
The clouds, and the Big Sky.

It's the eyes that make a person
The eyes are never wrong.
So do not fear your future,
Because your eyes are strong.

You'll be that one lone blade of grass
Left standing in the field,
The one who weathered every storm,
Determined not to yield.

So, Trisha, blaze into the day,
Past the cowards and those who fled,
And with your eyes wide open
Keep looking straight ahead.

Remember When


Darby Bartlett

remember when
we were all friends.
your sister was pregnant.
my sister was pregnant.
you wore glasses.
your parents got a divorce.
we were best friends.
your dad died.
your sister slept with her eyes open.
you taught me to drink with my mouth on the opposite side of
the glass.
you went to Australia.
you kicked me in the face with a soccer ball.
you gave me a ‘B'.
I ran over a cow pie on your 4 wheeler, and we
discovered coyote bait.
we played softball together, when we made All-Stars.
you were chubby.
you were best friends with Tara Jensen.
I took you out to lunch.
you had really short hair.
we were on the same soccer team, but I just cheered in the
we made a Christmas stocking in Mrs. Maddux's class.
you were in love with Kacee Woods; every guy in our class
Ira Gardener, Mandy Clewett, Skippy Brown, Theresa Smith,
Trisha Delany, Zachary Smith, Jaqueline Harvey, Josh
Aylsworth, Tammy Meuli, Marisa Rowe, Cassy Fincher, Tara
Bucy, Kristina Server, Jason Cayford, Neil Diemert, Levi
Sanders, Dameka Quimby, Denise Kjos, Tarsha and Misty
Anderson, Michael Gately, Chase Hart.
spitting on your arm because you wouldn't get off of my
you threw up all over your desk, and the class hid in the
cloak room.
you slapped me when I won the tetherball game.
your house burned down.
you moved back to Whitefish.
you died.
I remember you.
Will you remember me?



Darby Bartlett

You. Your smell, your touch, your kiss
Is true. You inspire the moon to shine,
Too soon giving way to sunshine's caress,
Rain's rickety racket, snow's sporadic spate.
You, vein of passion, sensuality. Wishing
You'll always be my rock, my protector.
Hoping to stay locked in you heart, cherished
Like moonlight on endless nights. You, my moonbeam, are seventh
Heaven. You, my love, chill my flesh. I confess
To God above. You. My moon, my light, my life.



Darby Bartlett

Every night finds me struggling
To discover my soul,
A pointless search.
Hiding out in protective folds
Of Kleenex and Flannel,
Engulfed by silence.
Wanting to utter and word,
A sound,
Signal SOS in smoke,
Anything but nothing.
Jaw locked shut by headgear,
Not understanding why
They waste money
On a black hole like me.
Never to be a girly,
A princess,
A mother,
Never to be anything
But a waste of flesh.
Disappointing dreams
Of prom dresses,
Mary Kay parties,
Baby showers.
Dreams of a star athlete,
A Valedictorian,
An expert outdoorsman,
A poet,
Another son.
Continuing to fail them,
Still searching for something
To make them proud,
But coming up empty.