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Rebekah Barrett


Vidalia, GA, US

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My Person


Rebekah Barrett

I think about my person every night and day
I have so many things that I wanna say
They are so close and dear to my heart
It makes me sad to know we're so far apart
I wish I knew their deepest feelings
Instead of with the pain's I'm dealing
As the day's, month's and year's pass by
I wonder why my person is so shy
Oh why can't they see
They're the one for me
But the more I think
Makes me wanna sleep
So I will dream off into space
Hoping this will be the case
My person and I will meet again
To fall in love till the very end.

Ode To My Rabbit


Rebekah Barrett

My bunny's name was Pomper
He acted like Thumper
He was my Joy and Happiness
But when he died he brought sorrow and sadness
Oh how I miss him so
If only he could know
why did he have to go?
I think about him all the time
he is constantly on my mind
He use to love to jump and pounce
and even run under and around the house
He liked to come inside
where he could play, sleep, and hide
I had him a lot of years
when he left, I had so many tears
We'll, I want him to know
I will miss him so
And I dedicate this poem
to my one and only Pomper.