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Tamara Barratt


Winnipeg, MA, CA

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Perfect Construction


Tamara Barratt

Hidden between fine lines
and a faultless figure; underneath shadows
fashioned at just the right angles, complementing her
bone structure; past the flow
from one soft contour to the next; inside
the glare of your stare,
she cries.

Ink defines her possibility, and your hands
were the force behind the pen; leaving
stains for her to wear. Ariel lived under
the sea and couldnít hide
from you. Dragons slain, towers climbed,
heaven and hell both ransacked,
seeking perfection.
not from dreams of pre-pubescent girls with stuffed bras.
unclear in mind focused on pupils.

This perfect image
is what you constructed,
while your tongue gathered the crumbs off the floor.
And you dare tell me you donít taste the dirt.

She cries now
in her shallow box,
a gift from you;
drowning in used tears.
and all you see are smudges,
your eyes fixed
on her curves and shadows.