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Charlie Barnett


Bon Secour, AL, US

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Jonah and the Whale


Charlie Barnett

The word was so clear, as it came to the ear, to Jonah one passing day.
Go to Nineveh and preach, that we may reach, God is the only way.
But Jonah only knowing, he wasnít going, wanted to butt with his own head.
So he fled to Joppa, with out even stopping, to that seaport city instead.

So Jonah paid his fair, while he was there, and down in the ship he went.
But the Lord that night, my what a fright, oh what a wind He sent.
The mariners were afraid. They all prayed. My, what a frightful cry.
Then the wind was mighty, the ship so tiny. Were they all going to die?

The ship was lighten, security tighten, yet it still looked like the end.
Now Jonah was found sleeping, while all the crew was weeping.
Then the wind grew much worse. Could it be some kind of a curse?
The shipmaster cast lots. The crewmen watched. Jonah was the first.

Then Jonah gave in, said it was sin, he was running from the Lord.
Instead of all dying, the sailors were trying, but they were in one accord.
With Jonah to blame, and certainly no game, over the side he went.
With God all knowing, and his love still showing, A big fish He sent.

The whale swallowed him down, not even a sound. Jonah began to pray.
Three nights he prayed. Three days he cried. How much longer could he stay?
In the third dayís session, Jonah learned his lesson. God spoke to the fish.
The whale was turned around, started back to town, Jonah got his wish.
The book of Jonah

A Summer Song


Charlie Barnett

A summer symphony was beginning to unfold.
As darkness hid, the sun would bring pure gold.
As the sun turned loose a glorious ray,
The sparkle on the grass would soon fade away.

The locust in the forest, oh, what a sound.
Then thousands of crickets would gather around.
Strange sounds you could hear from a pond nearby.
The many voices of frogs would rise to the sky.

The barnyard animals would soon get in time
With all of the young beginning to unwind.
The calf and the colt would frolic and play.
There was never a doubt; this was a new day.

A cat up the tree, and the dog on the ground,
Strange as it was, he volunteered his sounds.
The geese in the yard, the goose with his voice,
At times he would join in. Did we have a choice?

The sounds from some crows, a dozen or more,
Who had spotted some pecans on the trees next door.
A pair of turtle doves, perched in the wind,
Their woos and coos would somehow blend in.

Though the mockingbird has no song of his own,
He would sing for the birds that hadnít come alone.
As clouds float by, sometimes trickle of shade,
The heat would dance on the hay as it laid.

The umbrella oaks had become such a treat.
The cattle found shelter from the sweltering heat.
As midday would come the morning would yield.
The evening would start. It was back to the field.

The squeaking of the wheels, the clinking and clatter,
As for as us kids back then, never anything to matter.
A rough ride we would have, the jolt and the jerk.
I can remember the fun. It seemed never like work.

As the sun grew dim and leaned to the west.
Darkness would soon come. We knew there was rest.
From the chimney on our home, smoke was ascending.
We knew Mom was in the kitchen. This day was now ending.

As the house grew closer after leaving the field,
The horse would near gallop. It was time for his meal.
When chores were finished, and Fatherís blessing said,
The treat of the day, Motherís table was spread.

Lots of good food to keep us healthy and strong,
The supper was finished when pie came along.
Out on the swing for a few minutes or so,
Then Mother would call, "Itís bedtime, you know."

With the world today, itís turmoil and strife.
So many kids will never know this great life.
Oh, how I thank God for his blessings on me.
And this all happened before they invented TV.

God is in my Garden


Charlie Barnett

Oh, yes, I believe God is in my garden.
Heís that breath of air stirring gently in the trees.
Oh, yes, I hear God walking in my garden.
He makes the sound I hear when strolling in the leaves.

He causes the seeds to swell just before they pop
With two little leaves, then burst out on top.
God writes all the lyrics of every songbird I hear.
He paints every petal of the flowers I love so dear.

He causes my tomatoes to turn a beautiful red,
While my other vegetables are orange and gold instead.
On a hot summer day God will bring up a cloud.
Evening showers will come with thunder close an loud.

He tells the morning glories to run up in the sky.
God promises my pumpkins, someday youíll be a pie!
He gives the verbena room. They cover over the ground
Then the worms and grubs they dig, without a tiny sound.

My impatiens and coleus, they beg for the cooling shade,
While for zinnias and marigolds full sun God has made.
He brings the morning sun; makes my garden bright.
God spends the day with me, then turns off the light.