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Lee Barnes


Halifax, England, UK

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Lee Barnes

I describe a field to hold attention, soft silky greens with sky light thin blues, never missing detail, I pass so deep you can smell the grass and sense the breeze, I tell of texture and touch, I compose the sound of wind while I wiggle my fingers like branches for effect, I speak with precision and conviction, to build the tension. My body fuels energy to tint the picture of strong tall trees, then I bring it back down small and still to pick the detail of single grain soil, my emotions shade the sky, I instantly shed a tear for the bird powerless to fly, all this time her eyes where locked, not a blink, not even a slight movement of pupil, her attention is directed at me and only me. A butter fingered waiter drops a glass with a forceful smash, shattering shards of sharpened mirrors towards her tippy toes, but her focus remains within my story, inside the field. She inhales with a slight gasp as the wind picks up pace, the tension builds like a predatorís gaze, she !
is now fixed upon this place that I have created and shaped, its not that she believes in the pasture, itís that she believes in my words, everyone of them she hangs on like a drop of rain on a leaf, I continue to sway "the water cant hold on for a time so long, the rickety leaf realises the drop of pure rain that plummets towards you, but you are unaware, lost in the grassland without one care, the drop continues, slow motion, avoiding branches and unmoved by breeze, its course is clear with the earths pull centred within, as it heads faster and faster towards your skin" the candle flickers as my softly spoken sentence surrounds the silence, still no blink, a tiny trail of smoke replaces the fiery candle, the racket of the restaurant fades into the background, the low lit tone begins to brighten, birds tweak like metal feet and in that moment the single drop of rain runs down her face_ I am addicted_ not to lies or human cries, but to belief_ here I am, in my field with so!
meone real, we have crossed the confines of certainty_ we sure!
ly belon
g_then she fades_these drugs are way too strong