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Keith Barnes


Santa Cruz, CA, US

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Susan #21


Keith Barnes

Susan walk behind the windows before the cool Fall air outside
Warm like a blanket under pale lights
Brush the hair behind your ear
Susan let me sit at your table

Why you so nervous today
Susan youíre so small
Hear the jukebox play
Brush your hand against your hip
Clad in blue jeans, Susan
Smiling at the diners,
Susan with your pale blue eyes
And your sparkling earrings
Redder than your lips, Susan
Let me sit at your table

Watching as the beauty of the day grows dark



Keith Barnes

Take me back to Wildrose
where the stars dim while the sun breaks over the rocks
and the warm silence and touch of the earth
the sand and the rock make me feel warm
where I'll crouch low and touch the ground
and hear the low wind sing to me

Before the wide open road
and the gentle painted canvas takes us
before the soaring wind over the edge of the crater
before the sleeping dunes, the warm rocks and sighing sand
before the unending desert makes us home and free
and fills our lungs with pale purity
take me back to Wildrose

To Johnny


Keith Barnes

Dear Johnny
This is a hard letter for me to write
The pen is pretty lame
But seriously, Iím not sure what to say
and Iím distracted
by the crappy music and the noise in the room.
Oh man, Johnny
I want you to know Iíve forgiven you
Iíve had it with two-bit diners and coffee bars
the road isnít really the best when youíve got nothing left to lose
itís just all youíve got.
Johnny Iím afraid of standing still
and realizing just how numb Iíve become
(but I donít know because Iím afraid to do itóyou understand?)
I canít stand driving myself crazy
with second-guesses
why canít I just chill out here?
I donít like not having a seat, or a window
or a wall to lean against
when Iím sitting
or standing, really.
My hairís grown long, Johnny
Iím coming home now
just wait for me.



Keith Barnes

With your blue eyes casting downward
Or maybe that's just what I dreamed
And your blonde hair ever longer
You straightened it, but I liked the curls
With your dangling Tiffany bracelet
And your hundred dollar jeans
Goodbye, goodbye, Ms. Glass, goodbye
We'll meet again in dreams

"I'm drunk," you said, looking downward
Then your blue eyes locked onto mine
Your hair down to your waist, now
And your tanned skin in the moonlight
Your eyes sunk hooks into my heart
"I'll miss you," you said, and I cried
Goodbye, goodbye, Ms. Glass, goodbye
Couldn't love you more if I tried

As you laid out there on the couch
Two years ago now, must have been
The lihts were dim as the moonlight
Everyone else was asleep
I stood to go, and your eyes were closed
You opened them and said "I love you"
Goodbye, goodbye, Ms. Glass, goodbye
All we never said is still true