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Sandra Barnard


Bristol, England, UK

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deep river bear


Sandra Barnard

an indian named deep river bear walked these plains today
he had a face that was deeply tanned by the suns great rays
he had a mission in his life to help his people get by
and he promised his father before he died and took his last great sigh
to look after his people and defend the sacred land
he done his best to keep his promise he was a very great man
and all his people looked to him for guidance and his love
but one day his life would change and he looked to the gods above
white man had come to hi land and nothing was the same
they took and killed the buffulo and kept them out of range
the warriors done their best and fought with all their might
but the guns were a strong weapon and the indians were wiped out of sight
so deep river bear took all his people and went far away
they suffered many hardships but carried on what may
they settled in the forests where they made their home
were their children laughed and played and was safe to roam
for now his people would be safe but for how much longer
he knows now for the future he will have to be much stronger
he has a vision that one day his people will walk the plains
and indians will once again take their rightful raighn

angel of light


Sandra Barnard

last night i saw an angel with wings pure white and gold
she told me that the world needs peace and this is what she fortold
that man was never happy with the simple things he had
to much greed and anger had turned good men to bad
she took me to a quite place where i held my head in shame
where people looked the other way when confronted with the sick and lame
where people killed one another for colour race or creed
goverments who sold weapons in the name of greed
the poor sick and starving cried to the gods above
where was all the compation the dignaty and love
the angel told me that the time was comming very soon
when man kind would perish in distruction and doom
if man could not change his ways and look towards the light
god would unlock his powers and do what was right