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Noam Bar-Shalom


Ramat Gan-Jerusalem, Israel

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the girl


Noam Bar-Shalom

the girl hurt me the other day
this i know
and the bullshit she so elloquantly phrased
was just bullshit.
it happens all over
to you
and to him
and to us.
and i try to make myself different
for I AM
but it's an illusion

i can play the piano for the girl that hurt me
three years ago
because i think the bullshit she had said
is no longer bullshit
she hesitates

i can play the guitar for myself
or write better poems
both lack the satisfaction of completeness
i can derive only from the girl
and these words, not even words but hyper-virtual-words
are merely the semen
of this rare masturbation
while thinking about
the girl