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Laura N. Ball


Glendale, AZ, MC

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Sometimes I Wish


Laura N. Ball

Sometimes I wish I could lose my memory
So I can't remember you
But if I lose my memory
How would I remember you?

I want to remember our moonlit nights
When we were alone together
I want to remember our conversations
When we confided in each other

I wish I had pictures to remind me
Of exactly how those nights went
Pictures I could show to you
Those night inside my head

You lead me on
Played with my mind
I know what you were doing
It's a trait of your kind

No tears left to shed
Thought the urge is still there
My feelings ablaze
But nobody cares

The fire still burns
My heart still yearns
For the day he'll understand

But that day not today
It's time to start healing
All by myself
Yet I keep concealing
My confident thoughts
My clouded dreams
Look how far they have gotten me...
Knee deep in apathy;
Longing for sympathy
I'll eventually reveal my pain...

..The pain is still there
the memories not faded
I was just one of many
I have to face it

He's the one that has lost
Thought my heart can't erase him
My mind says move on
It's not that easy...
I'm a heart still in love...