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Joanna Baldree


Colfax, WA, US

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A Simple Flower


Joanna Baldree

An ancient man in an ebony coat
wrapped in a sheild of twilight mist
A golden serpant at his throat
A thorn clenched by his fist

An evil eye of scarlet red
screams of ravens in the night
A fleshed, white wrist, blood was shed
As to flee from the serpant and its light

As the bane-filled gaze carves the moon
the raven shades the moon
The serpant's light, the shadow shrouds
echoing the raven's croon

A slice of heaven descends down
a simple, thin, but holy ray
A rose beneath a golden crown
this for what we pray

The blackened, ageless shadow
the soil the rose meet
The petals' glitter, golden flow
The Rose of Sharon at his feet

The holy ray, now tilting
and fire engulfs the evil man
The perfect rose is wilting
this all part of the master plan

The cloak, charred to ash
all that remains of the serpant's retreat
His teeth angrily gnash
The Rose of Sharon at his feet