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Odd Vidar Bakkejord


Oslo, Norway

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Big Busy Bark Poem


Odd Vidar Bakkejord

The barbecue of lucky lucid liquid endeavours
nature lost forever fronting terminal-plagues
I squeeze my dazzling limbed coreslimmed stack
while I sing the sin of sole-slapped hack

The swinging swines of horny information
bursting through the electronics of creation
jumping wits and feasibles of plain porting
datasystems cheering shouting do the sorting!

A link razzling makes its cargo jap
thresholds all forgotten at the node of rap
all the bug's'n virus' whistling-sizzling nosy
want and want through play and joy of cozy!

Brain dead embroiling spins of tickling tacks
breathing for a life thwart all semblance lacks
viewers, macros, script-shells parashoot sleazy platforms
blinking pointers swaping filthy filters blazy protocols

The set of action cropping for unstopping paradise
Disappearing in the choice of corrodiac coyish praise
Running with the buffaloes of nomenclatures gold-fever
Spastic plasmas plasty compcattle horsing toys of Troy

Stripes of memorable moments will endure duby fear
as we mourn nothing lasts in buddy branch a year
yield the lassos fortune of future frameworks fun
we coil the fractal oil and hold the craving cunn

Mechanical Man of information overload syndrome society
follows the scan of nils ultimate binary time of division
En counting the steps of the tech wrecking loop span of variety
Tracking the idle treason treasury of reason measury silicon

From the ideal island of Patmos the storm sound of cries arrive
through medieval time flush of osmotic Nostro propheius eye
enhance by time at downing the racks of tunnel flies
as punch we stress pure pressure staging appalling sigh

The Judge of Doomsday soon may trot forth flaring sky
crackers and nerds freeware tasks might scary die
howls at risk and the basket of heads all too alive!
who's the chosen and who's the frozen at alter to sly?!

Strutting the goal keepers as guardians of light
reaching for reckoning rascals logical might
sorrows will follow the wild hounds weary decline
all left alone with the desert and stones of drain

Keep in mind the symbols fighting sign
despite disputing the haunted giant
small atoms decide all more violent
and with deterring all utter combines

Shocking and knocking the flocking
time keeps rocking the clocking
wringing the singing of star dusts aligning
the cosmic powder to bell out the frauder

The invention of the computer rolls the balls
makes meanings and information find new router
but are we wasting the way as the signals falls
crowning our culture with vulture and final clay?

The saying all over is the sensational pseudo-change
The crucial parameter of counting carriage at range
diverted and converted propositionals show illusions
riddling through realitys virtual fusions

Therefore the mission to master sharpens the spirits
keep storming the bridgeheads with pondering heartbeats
set your great limits aside and attack for the merits
fight the foolish nonsense inside 'n shuffle with greets!

The tiniest timber of dwarfs
the potential hidden among quarks
impression by galactic forces arise
monotering muscles with backup as ice

Relative theory is stubbornly static
Dynamic is always on the move dramatic
belief in catching the law fanatic
to strengthen oneself increasingly attic

Void space of the landscapes eternal
connecting through cables of trials
dialogues with the stories so silent
you never know if they really went by

Extending this crawling disposal of rhyme
Scheme of flattering the routines so shy
entangling new schismas of blacked-out chaos
occurring another big boaster bully mutander

Scorching the matadors of the avantgarde bum
straining the flesh flops on darning-lived stunt
pours and pokers ahead cursing concat liaison phone
megahertz of kilobytes reboots multitask zone

Powertight clawing huggers firmly session
binding manna monstrum for the stern file
overnight stay flawing smut veil no play
vowing objection vox for selfselection box

Nothing halters the outmost progression machine
Texan scene of dingling loosers not coping
winning werewolfs of configure insult results
smashing through stockholds of roaring loads

ISO to ASCII ruling rapid rally server bachelors
survey startles the mediators of middlecurver greps
crumbs the implosion of microsucsession temptation
echoes from catfish rocks fingering tool steps

Stins of stupidious strangling procession effect
suddenly stopping seeing it all over reset
cardinal lifters with brute credo vowe
hardware toxido lovers on microchip-saw

Lobotomized mustard stuff snaring solitary pukes
Madness meddling amusely itching the hypocrites
scream scrabble struck skunky scuuuik!
snoop and smasheck stash stoove snaky!!!

Bottom Line


Odd Vidar Bakkejord

Dudes shivering of clay onboard
wandering the shredded path ore
wanking sidesteps of delay
no place to slide nor stay

In the gutter with the the gore
he was clapring for belly amore
nestling through the chilling dim
of my shallow gnashy grin

Grumbling stuns float ashore
trembling trotters jammer core
stating the glissen wender
the lowlife rot my ember

Greasy grass plot to sew
living cast off the dole que
mending the glutter lays
of my busybones slay

Sisslings lost for my prones
whizzling silly songs of drones
vessel herald stands anew
akin the way of snuffle grue

Waiting sullen for the approach
of the longcarved ropes
mixing freedom with the clashes
eternity the scope of radiashes

Closeups locks frenzy soar
keeping track of hideous odor
the scent of sentimental rent
stones of stain bugger went

No hug no smiles no ever
all the cosy slime clever
dozing dope of pully pricks
hopes'n dreams flicker licks

Bleeding pace of billboards scout
Mending killcops ploughing votes
statistical tuning of thresholds
further not the story told


Aftermath of the stroken flare
bypass of the choken share
In the dark'n worn-out shambler
glows'n grudges a crimson rambler