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Dawn Baker


Laurel, MD, US

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What about Me


Dawn Baker

I am here now and I am growing
I know you think I am a mistake
But not to even give me a chance
How hard was it to make?
This decision about my future
To end my life before it began
Did you even stop & ask yourself am I a woman or a man?
God gave you the life youíre living
And the freedom to do whatís right and wrong
He gave me you as my mother cause he knows that you are strong
You can handle whatís brought before you thatís gods promise and itís true.
Heíll be right there and when times get tough heíll lift and carry you.
Think about this closely and I know that you will see.
How wonderful are lives will be if you decide to carry me.

Need and Deed.


Dawn Baker

I invoke to God to understand my need
my God is superior and knows my deed
He grows a Living from a seed
Seed is Deed while Deed is Need
and i invoke to understand my need
they are out of deed to fulfill their need
why they keep their deed out of their need
so to understand the deed
i invoke to God to understand the need