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Vickie Baer


Ogden, UT, US

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Vickie Baer

Taught to hate while in my youth,
Americans, their freedom, lies--not truth.
Brought up to believe in a different way,
To die for the cause will bring Glory someday.
For this I was groomed and trained it's true,
I'll bring to it's knees the red, white, and blue.
Today in a plane with those I hate,
I'll give up my life and seal my fate.
For a cause few will understand.

Born to freedom in a nation grand.
Taught to love my fellow man.
Raised with pride in the American way,
Life, liberty, and prosperity are here to stay.
Proud to be an American it's true,
I readily salute the red, white, and blue.
As I leave for work and kiss those I love goodbye,
Someone I never knew, plans how I'll die.
For a cause few can understand

A plane, a tower in the sky,
Impact, flames fly so high!
Concrete, steel, and dust galore,
Many lives lost, and many more,
Stand and wonder why?
Why did so many have to die?
And who could cause this terrible scene,
To take away lives, hopes, and dreams?
For a cause so many do not understand.

Beyond this life, they meet their God.
The taker, the taken equally awed.
As they realize this was not the plan,
He had in mind when he created man.
This kind of hate was not supposed to be.
He'd hoped for love, kindness, and shared equality.
The maker's sorrow was evident to all,
Giving each a desire for a united call.
To convey a cause all should understand.

Now together from beyond this life,
All who died in one loud voice unite.
Pull together a better world to create.
Do not let our lives be lost in vain.
Kindness, love, forgiveness and peace must reign.
In a cause that all can understand.