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Jessica Joy Badua


Rio Tuba, Palawan, Philippines

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Jessica Joy Badua

With all the years we've spent together
We've had lots of fun and laughters
We often talk with one another
And we made our bond even stronger.

We sometimes have bad times too
We would even cry, yes we do!
But all throughout those times
We never left each other's side.

When one of us is really happy
We ask them why he's so jolly
Then we share our laughters together
And everyone will all be happier.

When we saw someone cry
We would ask them the reason why
And when we'll find it out
We'll cheer him up with all our might.

Sharing our laughters and tears
Made our friendship stronger for years
And I hope that after we part
This good value will stay in our hearts!!

Secretly Titled


Jessica Joy Badua

Choosing you as my one and only
hoping that you could protect me
Away from you, yes I am
running toward the safer part of me,
my life; 'twas but a boring one
Live, laugh,love was all what i wanted
Even my life is in a monotone,
Your face was the only one I always remember.

Causing you too many problems,
has ruined my happy days too.
A gap was set between me and you
Right in front of my eyes though, I will only see you!
more than a friend, more than a brother,
Loving you so much was worth it,
Even if someday you'll learn to forget me,
Your name will always be in my memory.

Days would pass by
It's just like a wink of an eye
After so many years, I will still be here
Nothing will change...
And no one could ever rplace you my dear!