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Jessica Joy Badua


Palawan, Rio Tuba, Philippines

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Best Friends Forever


Jessica Joy Badua

Plenty of years have passed
And you were always there by my side
You were there during my happy times
You were there during my darkest times.

When I'm lonely you were there
To ask me: "What's the matter?"
Then you'll cheer me up
And I will feel much better.

That's what I like about you
Through ups and downs you were there
You never left me hanging in the air
That's why we'll be best friends 'till forever!



Jessica Joy Badua

I will miss the laughters
I will miss the tears
I will miss the naughtiness
We've made through these years

I will miss the fun times
And alsothe bad ones
That we together
Went through all these times

We've been together for so many years
Years filled with laughter and tears
And now that we're about to part
I hope these memories will always stay in our hearts.