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Cindy Bachhuber


Madison, WI, US

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Dancing Spirits


Cindy Bachhuber

All the lights across the town,
Are out like a midnight cover.
Now the spirits are dancing without a sound.

They are coming in leaps and bounds.
Stars on earth they discover,
All the lights across the town.

A wonderful pattern they have wound,
Beautiful like no other.
Now the spirits are dancing without a sound.

Making their way 'cross the mound,
On their quest to cover
All the lights across the town.

Silently, silently they fall down.
In the air they hover.
Now the spirits are dancing without a sound.

Observing the land they have found,
They laugh and smile as they cover
All the lights across the town.
Now the spirits are dancing without a sound

My Friends


Cindy Bachhuber


There once was a dog named Kate
Kate the dog was always late
She made lots of noise,
And snorted at boys
And that's why she never had a date


There once was a turtle named Lexie
She liked to give everyone a hexie
Her legs were so long
And her face like a song
That everyone said "hey is she sexy!"


There once was a groundhog namded Sarah
And she had a friend named Tara
They both are short girls
And none of them have curls
But each of them has very short haira


There once was a camal named Cat
She couldn't swing a baseball bat
She drooled all the time
But she lent me a dime
And she has a 'brat' baseball hat


There once was a bullfrog named Leah
This bullfrog really had to peea
She went in the bog
And peed on a log
Now she's pretty mad at mea!


There once was a hampster named Natalie
She was actually pretty batalie
She talk to people in her head
Named Fred Joe and Ted
And she also would make up words like catalie


There once was a puppy named Katy
She found that her sister was moving to Hatie
She went down there one day
And to her dismay
Her sister went home and Katy was latey