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Jackie Babb


Bakersfield, CA, US

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Jackie Babb

Life is uncertian
And people cry
Sometimes they even say goodbye
With one wrong turn in the end
They are gone and I cry
For I did not say goodbye
So just remember I miss you
Life for you is better now I believe
But I am still so sad
That you are no longer here
Your smiling face
Is what brings me peace
For you will always be with me
In my heart and in my mind
From the very start
You were always a friend of mine

In loving memory of Adam David Wells
June 27th 1979 to February 21st 1999

Letting go of you...


Jackie Babb

I'm telling you that I'm done
This roller coaster ride is no longer fun

Always guessing, yes or no
Never knowing which way to go

Never serious, you just play with my heart
When you know that I've loved you from the very start

Loving me, you never would try
So I must now tell you good-bye

I didn't know it would be so hard to love me
I can no longer stand in the shadows, I'm letting you be

I must move on to someone who is deserving
How you've toyed with me, is very unnerving

I'm finished, I am really done, so don't bother to ask why
It's my turn to find someone who is willing to try

Thinking about it, it's truly very sad
Yet I don't want you, about this, to ever feel bad

I want you happy, for I will be soon
It's too late now for you to change your tune

It could have been good, could have been fun
I wish I had found out sooner that I wasn't the one

I would have loved you forever, honest and true
There's nothing left here for me, so I'm letting go of you