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Toronto, ON, CA

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Cristina B.

When I hear him laugh it makes me wanna cry,
Realizing some day I'll have 2 say goodbye.
It brakes my heart knowing hes with her,
Tears come to my eyes, my visions a blurr.
For months or years the pain will last,
It always hurts when I think of the past.
Does he realize? Does he have a clue?
Sometimes its hard to figure wut to do.
Should I pour my heart out?Should I speak my mind?
Should I tell him hes one of a kind?
No...its stupid...hes just another guy...
Eventho he makes me wanna fly.
Yes...thats it n I will not rest,
Till I get this pressure off my chest.
But what to say?When to tell?
Suddenly I'm not feeling so well...
After a while the idea will come,
My heart is beating like a drum.
I've got it!!!! Its a great line!!
When said at a good time...
"There's only one thing in my crazy life thats true
N that is I Will Always Love You"

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