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Mellissa B.


Pittsburgh, PA, US

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Mellissa B.

so never seeing, it seems
these words never take
to you
only to shine your day
before i recede away
to that secret place
inside your mind
where i am a stranger
in the eyes of the maker
so caustic i rebute
before i fade
acknowledging my time spent
grateful for that time
but seeing these familiar smiles
remind me, "how tricky" friends say,
"it is to hug a dream..."
for this, my friend
the only place i know
inside, your mind and sanity
is the only place i find
my own.
longing for that state of peace
let me in
its the last time, i beg
to let me show
ever only you
how deep this shit goes
so beyond
where embraces and stares i give to you
couldnt compare
to places untold...
where you could find me....
amazing too.

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