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We were lost,
In the stormy seas of life.
You and me both
Takin' the same rough ride of life.
Then we found each other,
And vowed never to part.
We both had each other
'till one day, one unforgiving day,
The Storm of life took you away.

I cried tears,
And down they poured.
Like the heavens above had opened trap doors
All at once, they came
Flooding back,
My deepest, darkest fears.
I felt so lonley.
I felt so empty.
I felt so scared.
And all because you had gone.

What can i do?
For i miss you,
And everything you do.
You filled my heart
With love and joy and hope
And faith and peace.
I will be part of you.
And you of me.
Together for eternity.