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She tells me everything
I've always wanted to hear
She tells me she'll always be there

She doesn't understand
though she tries so hard
She makes me feel so good inside
She won't destroy my heart

I know she woul do anything
to show me how she feels
with each word that is spoken
my heart seems to be healed

And for one split second
I feel that I am whole again
And for one split second
I feel that I can love again
And on each star I see that night,
I wish this will never end
I wish this will never end
I pray this will never end.

She tries to do everyting to make me happy
once again though she doesn't even have
to try.
And as I lay my head down to weap
It's only tears of joy I cry.

She doesn't understand
but she tries so hard
She doesn't understand
but no one's even tried before

I know she would do anything to
prove this love is real
and as I lay my head to cry again
It's only love I feel

And for one split second
I feel that I am whole again
And for one split second
I feel that I can love again
And on each star I see that night,
I wish this would never end
I hope this will never end
I pray this will never end

I wonder if she really knows
she holds my life in her hands.




I see you standing there,
and the rest of my world fades away.
No life, no dreams, no soul of my own
Just you, Just you.
Just you, standing there

My best friend
My one and only best friend

We can talk about anything
Our thoughts and dreams, we share
like children - so innocent,
so open-minded
Sharing everything without a care

We dream together, of all that we are
and all that we may become
Our souls mingle and dance
A dance of love so pure
A love many others only dream of

My best friend
My one and only best friend

We breath each other's every breath
We feel each other's thoughts
We see into each other's souls
With every breath I take,
I feel closer to you.

We are like two diamonds in a sess pool
Two beautiful beings, fighting our way
together out of the garbage
Out of the garbage we see the rest of our
world sinking in.
We are in this together,
two beautiful creatures
We are the King and the Queen
We are the Prince and the Princess
We are the Yin and the Yang
We are the two bright shinning stars,
completing our own clernal constellation.
No one will ever be able to comprehend
what we have together

My best friend
My one and only best friend

We will always be best friends
I know I will always love you




There I was, cold and dead
in my own shell of a world
Hiding from everything around
me, and everything that could
hurt me. Then you came along
like a breath of fresh air,
like a drink from the river
of life.

From a spark to a flame,
from a flame to a fire,
from a void to the whole,
which was my one true desire.
And this newness long unknown
had greatly inspired.

Derived from something
I had not yet known,
where once was a void
a great love had grown.
And I know that long after
hurt and betrayal my love
will still live for my
beautiful angel.

The Beast



Here I walk these empty halls
Hoping for her pride to fall
Slicing through my lips precisely
Her touch of grace rips through me nightly

Here I walk these lonely halls
Praying for my strife to fall
Slipping through my fingers slowly
Inside I fear the beast is growing

Slipping through my fingers slowly
Ripping through my fingers slowly
Tugging at my soul forever
Fearing most recent endeavor

Reaching out
Bloody, war-torn
Reaching out
My precious, Hell-born
Never dying fever hate-born

The beast lies waiting, ever peering
Mindful of these sorts of breeding
His primary host endlessly fleeting
Fleeing from the toils and torments
Ever fleeing, ever dying
Never second guessing choices
Never questioned whispered voices
Never once crossed hatred's boundaries
Never subject to your hounding
To your prying, to your lying
Host once subject, now no more

The Dove



A sunken life
A garden of death
Of weeds and thorny vines
A deeply decaying rusted metal
The life that was left behind

No food for the soil
No cleansing rain
No golden ray of sunshine
No motive persisting
No spark of hope
To pierce through
This cold wall of mine

A vast graveyard
Of fallen dreams
False hopes, empty promises, lost love
A single tear in a world full of pain
In the eye of a wounded dove

No moisture for growth
No hope of receding
No chance of a dark twist of fate
No nurturing love
No care from above
Just trapped in a man-made cell of hate