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Carlos Azevedo


Sacramento, CA, US

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Full Circle


Carlos Azevedo

A circle is a symbol of something never ending
A circle is also a symbol of protecting
Our circle started several years ago
On that day you became a part of me that I can't let go
Due to immature circumstances we parted ways
Thinking of you always is how I spent my days
Occupying my mind and time with others kept you away from me
But never completely
Thoughts of you would come from time to time
I always had a place for you in my mind
I kept you out of my heart because it hurt too much
Until that day I felt your warm touch
As I held you, you agreed that it could be fate
Life has shown us that it's not to late
We've become friends again you and I
And no matter what happens this time I never want to say good-bye
Could this be a message from above
A circle is also a symbol of never ending love
Carlos Azevedo

Missing You


Carlos Azevedo

God came and took you away from me
But I really know that he set you free
Took away all the pain and all the noise
and what was left was a big void
I tried to fill it, but it can't be done
I know some day my time will come
I was always your little man
And you were always my biggest fan
You were always there when I was growing up
You always helped me when I got stuck
"Rest in peace" is easier said then done
I haven't rested since you've been gone
Since you've been gone I looked for someone that would be there
But I can't find this person anywhere
When I'm having a bad I know your looking down
And that's all I need to take away my frown
I'll live my life to the fullest until we meet again
God knows that I miss you friend

In loving memory of
Belmira Da Rosa
1993 - 1997

Dreams and Wishes


Carlos Azevedo

I use to dream of fame and riches
Now I dream of being with you.
I use to wish that I could live forever
Now I couldn’t think of living to the fullest without you.

I may not be wealthy and I may not be a King
But I will always treat you like a Queen.
When I hold you close, my smiles are wider, my laughter is louder
And my eyes see sights unseen.

I use to dream of far off adventures and trips to the stars above
Now I dream that of someday winning your unconditional love.
I use to wish of riding off into the sunset after saving the day
Now I wish you would never leave, I wish that you would stay.

Eight simple letters spell out three simple words
My feelings for you have never been false they have always been true
These three simple words express how I have always felt
The eight letters and three words spell, "I love you".