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María Cristina Azcona


Buenos Aires, Capital, Argentina

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Orange Love


María Cristina Azcona

Orange fire
electrifies the air.
Fairy wings insinuating my swing.

Being apart in a rapture of fire,
my orange hair breaks the wind.

Acid clouds dissipate the rainbow
There’s any requiem for last night.

Golden sand and a blue deep ocean
clone the color of the sun.

Orange fury in a calmed morning
stab a knife into my bleeding heart.

Bloody tears are like pearls of wisdom...
Beauty is pale in front of
orange love.

Vasco Argentino


María Cristina Azcona

El agro se esfera, esmeralda del agro...
en los ojos preclaros del abuelo vasco.

La boina está al sesgo, las cejas son pueblo,
las ideas son rectas planeando milagros.

Severa figura de porte fornido,
las manos de acero, el corazón de estío.

Temperamento de estirpe tribal.
Guerrero en la vida, referente en el hogar.

Un día, blandiendo designios
partió aquella nave.

Estrella nativa colmó sus anhelos
con brillo tan suave.

Hoy crece aquí, valiente y sincera
la flor de raíces criolla y eusquera.

Familia y trabajo es el norte.
Es férreo su temple y mismo es el porte.

Pasado, presente y futuro destino.
Abuelo que alienta en la sangre del
Vasco argentino

Peculiar Child


María Cristina Azcona

Don’t be mad about that boy

Who laughs always at your aspect.

Don’t you see that this is the way he forgets he is


He will try to make you cry

To play with your emotions.

But you never must respond

Using poison on your tongue.

What do you want to know?

Why are you so atypical?

If the animals were all identical ,

To visit the Zoo would be illogic

And the stamps in your album?

Beauty resides in the diverse topics.

But, wait a second... in the balcony of your eyes_

A tear shivers...

That’s it...Now your brilliant smile triumphs

on your diverse face,

And sun rises over your different race.

Peace Universe


María Cristina Azcona

There is a place not so far away
Where bees surround children’s play
And give honey to them each day

There is a lake where the moon gazes
To her two opposite rounded faces
Without a struggle and far from races

In this magnificent dream
There´s only one team
And poetry always wins.

There is a unique voice to converse
Around this global universe
And it’s just this kind of verse

Let us be kinder to each other
And not be tempted to bother
The joyfulness of our brother.

And let us become one city
Through education in morality
Where differences are in equality