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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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a remembral



Oh moon why u stand?
In the dark sky all alone.
Your strange solitude does make-th
Me feel so quietly forlorn.

I peep through my window,
To have a glimpse of yours.
Just see the wake of your shimmer,
And feel that you are gone.

I call your name aloud,
Your name hits the sky.
When doesn't find you anywhere around,
It becomes a loitering cry.

I mark my steps to leave,
My soul silently weeps.
My soul wept just because,
you were there watching me leave.




Dancing in candlelight,
The soft wings quietly swoosh.
Tiptoeing in the hollow,
My silence makes a move.

Flickering in darkness,
The radiating light it throws.
Resting on gentle water,
The flame brightly glows.

A lovely scent of flowers,
Emblazoned with golden shine.
An enchanting note of music,
A glass of musky wine.

Every thing adorned and left,
Nay do i touch a thing.
As the opera lady sings,
MY LOVE! i wait for thee.