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Chantel Avery


Coldwater, MI, US

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I wish that I could Love you


Chantel Avery

I wish that i could be next to you and feel your warmth.
i wish that i could feel your kisses when you are gone.
i wish that you thought of me as much as i think of you.
but i do not know how that is possible because i love another thinking of you all the time.
While you flirt infront of me and as you do it tears me heart to shreds.
i'm told that you like me too. That you pray i was in your arms and not his.
But how can that be if we are on seperate worlds.
I wish you could know how much i love only you.
Please just listen to me and tell me that you love me too.
For i am on my knees begging you to tell me this.
Just to hear them three simple words would me heart feel light as a butterfly.
Just to hear "I love you" would send the simplest chills down my spine.
I wish for you to really love and not to say it out of pity.
Till you know how much i love you i will be with an other.
Just remember me somewhere in your mind. That i will always love you.
No matter what you are putting me through.
I wish that i was in your arms right now.
I wish that you and i have a future together and not just as friends.
I wish i could tell you i love you without no one caring as i spoke those words.
I wish you could love me.