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Sherri Emily Avery


Newport, NC, US

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An Angel Such As You


Sherri Emily Avery

Your Love,
Lifts me higher
than the Garden of the Gods,
And sends me flying
high through the stars.

Your Love,
Is like the gift
of many flowers,
All different and serene.

The leaves clinging to a tree
Is how our love feels to me,
As I cling to thee.

You ignite the love in my heart,
You've known this from the start,
Ever since my eyes fell upon you,
The world to me has been
such a better place.

The first time you held me
in your arms,
I felt this surge of passion
rush through me,
Like rushing waves of an angry sea.

I listen to the sound,
of your voice,
It sounds like an angel
serenade to the heavenly
Lord above.

Your eyes sparkle
like the stars in heaven,
And when they look to me,
I see Love.

How could I ever resist,
An angel such as you?
I just can't help but
fall in love with you.

I Love You


Sherri Emily Avery

Through the ages,
Through my poignant collection of poetry,
And through all my pages,
No poem or word could ever completely
Express my love for you.
Your love speaks to my heart,
My desires for you are so meaningful,
Honest, and so true of abiding love.
No words could ever express these feelings
That I have for you inside my heart.
Or even help define my emotions.
A new range of my feelings
Are being explored,
Ever since that first sensation.
But I can say to you now,
You are the person that I want
To commit my life to,
Make all spoken and unspoken promises ,
Encourage, trust, and appreciate you.
Of all the words I could ever say or write,
One which is most important,
That couldn't express my feelings more,
Or ensure that our relationship will last,
And our hopes and dreams will be pure.
And the words are,
I Love You......

Romeo And Juliette Of The Ninties


Sherri Emily Avery

Passions that are hidden
for no eyes to see
lips touch softly ever so quietly.
The embracement of bodies
for just a moments touch
a love shared that mean so much.
Two souls united in a special bond,
just to be one.
Shakespear had wrote of their
boundries, a Romeo and Juliette
of the ninties.
Waiting for time to share their hearts
to publicy open what is locked.
Young dreamers they meet, ever so free
the love they have in reality.
So many around them can't understand
the beauty between this woman and man.
Their love is so strong it shines right
through any darkened room.
And so as the old saying goes,
even in death they'll never part.

My Promise To You


Sherri Emily Avery

I'll never forget,
The first that we met,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
It's stays deep in my heart,
The day you found me.

We have promised that we would give
To each other all there is to give
For as long as we both shall live.

I never want wealth or fame,
I only want to have your name,
I only want to wear
That tiny band of gold,
And always have you to hold.

I will keep my promise to you,
I will never be untrue,
Even though sometimes I will be
Away from you.

I will never brake your heart,
I've always loved you from the start.
I must say to you this very special day,
I won't let it take my pride,
I want to be your bride.

I will never let you feel empty inside,
I will never brake the ties that bind,
I will never leave you behind,
I will never let our love die.

So I make another promise to you, my love,
We will live and we will learn,
And where ever you may go,
My heart will always follow.

And now it's plain to see,
That the promise's that I have made to thee,
Will show in time, you see,
That you and I will never be lonely,
I love this you and me.

I'm Sorry It Had To End This Way


Sherri Emily Avery

I have a few last words
I want to say to you
Before I go.

I'm sorry I hurt you
In any sort of way
I'm sorry it has to end this way.

We've had our good times
And we've had our share of bad
I didn't mean to make you mad.

I hope that in your future
You will come to see
The time that
You and I were together
Meant the world to me.

I'm sorry that things haven't worked out
And I hope that you will be okay
I hope that you will find love again
What ever come what may.

Remember always
That you have touched my life
But remember also
That where ever you may go
There will be times of strife.

Know and feel
In your heart
That even though it's time
For us to part
To go on our merry way.

That the love I gave to you
Was nothing but true
And I'm sorry
It had to end this way.

*****Simple Pleasures*****


Sherri Emily Avery

She doesn't know what she is capable of,
Yes, so innocent
But so sinful,
To look at her you'd see betrayal,
But to know her you'd know trust,
Yet fickle,
She shines like a star,
But to see her,
She seems so far,
In her own little world,
So afraid to open up,
All the hurt she's been through,
Don't know when to stop,
So many walls,
To hard to break down,
Not a one can come close,
Not a one can come around,
Still a child in spirit,
But a woman in time,
Is all she is seeking,
When will she find?
Needing to laugh,
Needing happiness,
Needing love,
Who will be her flying dove?
Who can break the walls?
Who can set her free?
Who can break the chains
Of her destiny?
Simple pleasures,
Is all she needs,
To find a man,
Who fulfill all her dreams.
Love her,
Hold her,
Kiss her,
And bring her to her knees.
Take her,
Want her,
Subdue her,
Is the passion that she sees.
Break the chains,
Knock down the walls,
Erase the hurt,
And you will see,
That she is what you have been looking for,
All this time of search,
You have found the right one,
Now take her in your arms,
Kiss her passionately,
And you will find,
A true treasure,
In the mist of this time.

~*~Believe In Yourself~*~


Sherri Emily Avery

Why are you so bitter?
Why are you so sad?
I see pain in your eyes
And anger in your mood,
I wish there were something
I could do.
I know right now
The road looks tough
And the hills look steep,
But I know in a matter of time
Youíll be back on your feet.
Life is cyclic with itís
Twist and turns
But you have to learn
That itís only a moment
And will pass with time.
Believe in yourself
And others too,
Just remember,
What you dish out
May come back to you.
Be kind with words,
And feelings too,
Keep your chin up
And smile a big smile
I am here for you
From mile to mile.
Turn that frown
Into something more,
Smell the fresh air
And the flowers too,
Look in to your heart,
And know the truth,
It is there.
So no more sadness,
No more tears,
Smile a bright smile
It doesnít hurt,
And know,
I believe in you..