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Suzane Avadiar


Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The world inside


Suzane Avadiar

Inside my soul_
Gentle melodies
Haunting strings
Playing alone_
Only for me
For no one must hear
And so_
My spirits rise_high

Inside my head_
Clowns mime
Ludicrous images
Vivid pictures_
Behind my eyes
No one must see but I
And so_
I smile_wide

Inside my heart_
My muse speaks
Tranquil whispers
That promise love_
Enticing words
Consume my being
Dithering no more_
I exhale_at last

All around


Suzane Avadiar

All around me
Loud silence
Intrude my thoughts
I hear it ringing in my head
I canít stop it, I canít think
My mind wanders

All around me
Darkness and solitude
Blinding my sight
I shut my eyes
But everything is clearer
For the first time I see you

You said, "I love you"
I said, "I believe you"
Now I think back,
Why did I lie?
Iím sorry I did
Why arenít you?