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Shirley Austrum


Riverdale, CA, US

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Secret Sin


Shirley Austrum

Back in the closet in a real dark spot,
Is an old red purse that I treasure a lot.
It has earthly treasures and a secret sin,
Which comes back to haunt me time and again.
It was something I wanted, a treasure so fine
So I took it and hid it for a very long time.
The person who owned it has long been dead,
So I'm stuck with this thing, this awful sin.
I wanted to redeem my sin-sick soul,
I wanted to be rid of this thing and so...
I thought of my brother, how glad he would be,
To have an object that was stolen by me.
But the courage to pass this object along
Never came my way, now my brother is gone.
We reap what we sow in many different ways,
I'm still reaping day after day.
I've thought of selling this object of old,
And giving the money to the church where I go
But God as my witness, I'm doomed with my sin,
I know that it will not bring glory to Him.
When you are tempted to steal and hide,
Remember Jesus said, "You reap seven times".
It's never easy, and it's never fun
To know that you stole from someone you love.

Shirley Austrum