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Rebecca Austin


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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The Truth


Rebecca Austin

I dreamed I was a bird,
Migrating over the land.
I was happy and I felt free,
But somehow I went off course.

I travelled over seas,
I travelled over land,
I battled heat I thought would not cool,
And storms I thought I would not die.

I came to rest at a place,
That was stricken with famine and drought.
I saw it's starving children,
And dirt that would never grow crops.

I realised there was more to the world,
Than most people ever see.
The world is not a perfect place,
But people shut their eyes to the truth.



Rebecca Austin

A thin line bordering the horizon,
Black/grey below, blue above,
And then the sea, another layer,
Fading indigo in the distance.

Tall tree tops, reaching to the sky,
Towards white bellowing clouds,
Sunlight seeping through round the edges,
But centers blackened and forbidding.

The white puffs retreat,
Sunlight streams through,
Pink/orange light touching on each dimension,
Dramatic shapes come to life.

A sudden change of mood,
The sun timidly clings to the cover,
Of yet another cloud,
It knows its minutes are numbered.

Tiny lights appear one by one,
As the dusky haze of twighlight closes in,
A blanket of darkness falls,
And smothers the glow of day.

Night time.



Rebecca Austin

"Life is wonderful, and I have two
lovely children to prove it!".
Her dark brown hair the sign
of a young woman.
Her face full of warmth,
She believes what she is saying.
"You can't convince me otherwise!",
She smiles.
But, does she know that life can
fade in the blinking of an eye?
She is a woman of the world,
But only a fragment of the master plan.
We can't control our destiny,
It's frightening to learn.
Did you know that life can fade
In the blinking of an eye?
And it will, and it does.

Summer Loving


Rebecca Austin

Pictures of a love that was so true,
Echo through my mind tonight.
Shattered dreams of me and you,
Keep my soul awake at night.

The hours tick by the way side,
Waves wash the sands of time ashore.
The sun is sleeping forever now,
The summer breeze warms me no more.

The winter chill is fiercely cold,
Blows the leaves off the trees so bare.
I remember the story that I was once told,
Of a love that was ours to share.

My thoughts are filled of you my love,
Free my soul and let it be,
Soaring like a turtle dove.
From my darkness rescue me.



Rebecca Austin

Thinning, like the hair of a
Middle-aged man.

She takes no bite nor nibble.

Avoids mirrors.

She cannot bear to see herself.

Who is she pleasing? No-one.

If she dies, she does not gain.

Just another statistic for the
Blood-thirsty media.

Who is she pleasing?

Split Personality


Rebecca Austin

She sits, calmly counting the minutes, the hours.
Her chosen isolation from the outside world.
She closes the doors around her.
Not wanting to hear the laughs, the tears.

Voices inside her head calling, whispering.
An evil silence surrounds her,
Circles her every sense.
She becomes lost in her own thoughts.

A rage swells inside her.
The voices within her head shout and scream.
A shatter of glass, a heavy thud.
She lays in a pool of blood on the ground.

Inside her head now, a scared little girl.
She crawls, to a private place in the corner,
Bows her head and begins to shake.
Her tears fall silently to the bloodied carpet.



Rebecca Austin

The weapons lock.
Off-white daggers.
The quest begins.
Conquer the other,
Or be killed.

A flick of the neck.
The opponent half dead,
Limp on the ground.
Body pierced,
Blood flowing.

The winner claims,
The prize of the herd.
The younger blood,
Of the war torn battlers,
The victory is his.

The Present


Rebecca Austin

I am yours but your rules aren't mine.
We look the same, but we don't.
Your ways are the ways of the past,
Mine are the ways of the future.

But, we can be the same.
There's one thing that we share.
The one thing that is past and future,
And that is the way of the present.

A bridge can be built between us,
To connect our sollitary lives.
Where the past and future can be one,
And our present lives will stive.

One Minute...


Rebecca Austin

The ticking of a clock...
The passing of a car...
The hubub of a T.V...
The bark of a dog...
The squeal of a tyre...
The call of a child...
The ticking of a clock...
One minute.



Rebecca Austin

I looked out upon the cold night,
From my warm comfortable abode.
The shadows cast their sadness,
Across the quite street.

There were no stars in the sky,
And no clouds to be seen.
One lonely street lamp stood,
Surrounded by its own light.

I saw a piece of silver paper,
Dancing in the light.
Then the cold wind blew again,
And it disappeared into the shadows.

My Feelings For You


Rebecca Austin

Midnight storms,
And gentle slumber,
My feelings for you,
Are too numerous to number.

Our love is so strong,
It will last forever,
My feelings for you,
Will cease never.

The stars in the sky,
I will give to you,
I will prove my undying,
Love for you.

The breeze through your hair,
The glint in your eyes,
The warmth of your touch,
I just have to sigh.

You are the love of my life,
And I know you see,
Together in love,
We will always be...