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Randi Aurich


Park Hills, MO, US

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I can't


Randi Aurich

I canít lay my head on your shoulder
I canít make fun because I am older
I canít reach out to take your hand
I canít laugh when you fail to take command
I canít hold you when Iím sad
I canít hug you when Iím glad
I canít kiss you, even though I care
I canít expect you to even be there
I canít cry in front of your face
I canít let people know of my disgrace
I canít call just to chat
I canít find the courage to do something like that
I canít feel how warm your skin
I canít explain; I wouldnít know where to begin
I canít expect you to call
I canít do anything; no one there when I fall
I canít poke you; itís not the same
I canít sneak to your house in a game
I canít please you; thatís not important
I canít forget all the time weíve spent
I canít look for you after class
I canít forget you or our past



Randi Aurich

The first day we talked
The next days we stalked

We wanted more
But we were so sore

When we finally met
My heart was set

On you my love
Love peace from a dove

If we stay together
It will be forever

In our heart
We shall not be a part

We could be strong
All day long

We will be side by side
For something no one can hide

That in our hearts is this feeling
That sometimes hits the ceiling

This feeling is...
Love my dear



Randi Aurich

I look to the heaven for answers,
I look to the ground for guilt,
I look to the east for help,
I look to the west for love,
As is known I look for love,
Love which is no where but gone.