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Cheryl Aubrey


Dennis, MA, US

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Internet Love


Cheryl Aubrey

Blue eyes, as the morning sky.
Your stare that pierces my soul.
Take my hand, take my heart,
Let nothing ever tear us apart.
My internet love, was once just a friend.
I hoped & prayed, it would never end.
We've talked, we've laughed, we've even cried.
We've shared so much, now our hearts are tied.

This wish I wish on the stars above.....
May our love & passion remain strong,
And may our hearts always be connected.

To: Fred
Love, Cheryl

Survival of Love


Cheryl Aubrey

Against the odds, you & I have survived a crazy world.
We've experienced things in our lives,
That most only see in the movies or read in books.
With this, we've proven that strength comes from the heart.
Life can be whatever we chose to make of it.
We've chosen not to dwell on the past, but to move forward,
in our quest for true love, happiness & acceptance.
To fight toward our dreams. To never give up. My heart fights for your love. For your arms wrapped around me.
And to feel your heartbeat next to mine.
I've chosen to open my heart to a special man,
I've chosen to love you.

No matter where the future leads us,
You will always hold a special place in my heart.
You will always be the man that made me believe.
Believe in myself.
Believe in dreams.

For this & so much more...
I will always love you !