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Love is like a teardrop
shed when joy or sadness real
Our tears are not the action
but the answer that we feel
One million tears an ocean make
the same with love is true
Just like the endless ocean found
love's always changing too
A tear is never lonesome
another's sure to come
Love always needs an equal
that one true special someone
Tears will come and tears will go
like stars in nights sweet plot
But know that deep inside us all
each tear still meant alot
Though no one knows when tears might fall
they always feel so right
Since each and every crystal drop
does free our soul for flight
Love is like a mystery
no easy answer lend
But in the end it all makes sense
so let me weep again

Like a Dream



As mountains drift across the sky
above a scarlet sun
As wind went dancing through the trees
the day was almost done
As geese began their southward flight
and waves caressed the beach
My heart found peace and love alike
when your eyes, did mine, meet
Emotions stole the moment fair
and words could hold no ground
My fear would turn to hopefull dreams
perhaps lost love I'd found
Surrounded by the beauty of
a moonlit wooded sceen
Romance, like roses fragrant scent
lay hold upon this dream
My heart beat like the humming bird
my mind was lost in love
My body ached to hold you near
my eyes searched yours in hope
Did love still hold your thoughts at night
as did so often mine
Then when I looked into your eyes
like stars I saw them shine
So then a gentle kiss I laid
upon your soft sweet lips
And when you kissed me back I knew
my love, as yours, was missed
The future still holds secrets close
whats to come can not be seen
But in the end I hope you'll find
you meant so much to me