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Ophelia Asselbergs


Lucan, ON, CA

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why can't you see me?


Ophelia Asselbergs

Wipe my tears away
As they fall
Into a cup filling with poison
Itís your fault, your cup
Youíve left me no choice
But to drink
You donít even know it
You have no idea
Cuz all youíll do is laugh at me
But you do that anyway.
Now thereís nothing
But blood on the floor
And itís all because of you
Because of me
Ruddy light shines on the ceiling
As the blood on the floor
Reflects the light
From a lamp
That casts only darkness.
Where were you?
I had the chance to love again
To live again
Where were you?
As I was drowning
In the darkness
Why didnít you come
To wipe my tears away?

The Wall


Ophelia Asselbergs

Iím safe behind this wall
Of cold, hard, shining black stone
I can see over it
But nothing comes near
Far away I see people
Clear and colourful
Nothing like the grey place Iím in
Sometimes I wish,
I could be with them
Then I remember
The fear, the pain
Better this pain than that pain
Better to hide in the darkness
Than to live in the light
Away from the others
Away from myself
Behind this dark wall
From this prison,
This dark stone that blinds all light
I made myself.
I trap myself.