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Ann Mead Ash


Lancaster, PA, US

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Witness for the Defense


Ann Mead Ash

She defended him
when the dark enveloped his soul
exhuberance of a character witness
combined with the wiles of a trial lawyer
Pummeling him with golden reminders
gesturing to Exhibit A---
goodness seen in attentiveness
kind and gentle manner holding her captive
Through it all, he lied to her
showing his soft wool...
manipulating adoration
deceiving her blind and unfailing kinship
Until he wound his coils too tightly
rattle shivering just ahead of implosion
that spat all her love back in her face
venomous acid bathing eyes sprung wide
To a blurred gruesomeness
hand outstretched in disbelief
mouth opening one word only
into the void
And as the night settled upon him
she turned away
because mother had always told her,
it is not polite to stare