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Chris L. Arwood


Baltimore, MD, US

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eternal promise


Chris L. Arwood

I'm filled with overwhelming extacy
And emotions unsurreal
My heart flutters in rapid rhythm
Like a butterflies wings prevail

It's like an eternitys wait
With every second prolonged
An enchanting silouette
Duresing a note eqully strong

Amist a galla of stars
One solo twinkles bright
Encompassing the sunshines array
Gazed upon dawns morning light

A bouqets aroma
Entwined with silkwoven petals
Your like the indulgent beauty
Of a swan gracefully swaying gentle

From the depths of my soul deep within
A fire burns an endeavor
Through an everlasting unchanged promise
That our love will last forever

Tears in Heaven


Chris L. Arwood

You promised that you'd never leave
And stay right by my side
But fate has changed our destiny
So now I stand and cry

I look up
And glance toward the sky
Why have you been chosen
I stand there asking why

An eclipse where there was sunshine
This dark that covers my light
Now the only sights I see
Are shadows in the night

How can my soul be lost?
My lifes been stole away
One we danced on clouds
Now my blue skies turned to gray

Maybe at my end of days
Heavens gates will open wide
And fill this empty chamber
But until that day i'll cry