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Mike Arnese


Carbondale, PA, US

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Expression in a Glass


Mike Arnese

The familiar glance around the room.
The indecision in their eyes
The fly-distracts him for the moment.
His expression in a glass
Corked, bottled for safe keeping_
Happier now than he has been, but how long will it last?
At this point, not too long.
She asks about their difference, he has no response for her
They are both stranded on the same boat.
His expression in a glass
Is easy to see but not easy to find.
Doubtful about it, not knowing where this is going,
They enjoy the motion the waves are making,
Riding it out for as long as they can.
No questions, no answers_
His expression in a glass
No contact, no other choice but not to speak for the
Caution to the wind he wants to bet it all on this one.
He thinks he has the best hand
Will she call or fold?
The last hand he wants to play for a long time.
His expression in a glass
Is not alone_
He asks for another jack and coke!