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Richard Thomas Armstrong


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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Dancing With Fire


Richard Thomas Armstrong

Within the finest sinews of each mans heart there is a fernice burning a longing to be part.
The golden light descended on her face.
The music echoed in our ears.
We found comfort in warm embrace.
She drowned my mornfull tears.
On oceans we swayed, stopping time.
In whispers she spoke .
This was our prime.
Then the moment broke, I awoke.
Not a dream but a memory burning in my soul.
Ripped torn and ripped again into myriads of tiny pieces.
Then rising from the fragments as the phoenix rises from the ash.
The memory returns soaring high in my crowded mind.
I remember dancing with fire, I remember sweet retire.

I recall that bright red, now all I desire is too dance with fire.