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Janice Armstrong


Milledgeville, GA, US

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Your Angel


Janice Armstrong

For everyone, God gives to them,
this special thing of love.
Some of you would never guess,
but it's an Angel from above.
This Angel starts when you are born,
and it shines on you much love,
but as you grow, there's a few things
thats expected from above.
You must not steat,you must not kill,
you must learn, to share your love.
And yes, remember, there's only
one God that lives, up above.
To say his name in vain,
must only make him sad.
But to remember him on Sunday
will only make him glad.
How could you think of other Gods,
When this one gave so much?
He gave his son, His only son!
Who died for us, out of love.
What do you think; would you die?
Would you give up your life?
Would you die for a world
Who tells God, I Might!
Well, as Your Angel i can only say
the time is drawing near.
If you don't serve the Lord my God
I can't help you dear!

Your Angel