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Gina Armstrong


Orange, CA, US

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Gina Armstrong

Erase the beauty from these eyes
Though heaven sent I do despise
the tragic waste allowed to see
Take these eyes away from me

No longer does my temper hold
Not one day gone that I'm not told
of hardened truth, dishonesty
Please take my ears away from me

The strangers pass without a glance
No rendevous left up to chance
Disease will shatter one more dance
Desire stray from me

Fall backward from the slightest touch
If strangers then we feel we must
The earth has turned to raw debris
Take these hands away from me

We musn't walk less broad day light
the demon minds come out at night
At dark the evil spirits free
Please take these legs away from me

No lovers through the night do hold
Just empty dreams and truth untold
Young heart brings forth naivety
Take my breath away from me

I do not need these in my world.



Gina Armstrong

my legs,arms and eyes have fallen
nothing left
to help me stand
rest and absorb the
it will come,it will come