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Scott Armstrong


Pleasant Lake, IN, US

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Scott Armstrong

You have many problems, but remember God can take them all.
He stands always beside you, never letting you fall.
But sometimes you may choose to let go of the helping hand so near.
To imagine that scares me because you would cry more than just one tear.
You would be without hope and the riches of love,
Without courage and protection from the One above.
I would hate to see the warfare which you would endure.
When God alone should be your king, do not feel you must test to be sure.
The Father of Lies would tear at your soul,
The spiritual intensity of your life would he dull.
He would fill you with temptation followed by grief;
He would gnaw at your mind to make you a thief.
With his breath of death he would blow you away,
Had you not the power of God to keep him at bay.
When times get hard you know what to do:
Just turn to heaven and God will pull you through.
For you, His child, He will fight the everlasting fight.
Though He is unseen, so great is His might.
He will battle the devil face to face.
All through your heart, the darkness he will trace.
Never in your life do you have to worry,
For in your time of need God will always hurry.
Never fear the danger which Satan will bring;
Nothing will hurt you as long as God is your king.
He will fill your life with pleasant surprises,
He will grant you rewards when the occasion arises.
So my dear friend, keep Him close to your heart,
Let you and our God never be apart.