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emptiness part 2



Where I have never been
All these flowers I have never smelled
And that morning mist on the mountain
I never climbed
And that southern music somewhere
I never danced to
And that purple sea with gentle waves and dolphins playing around
I never swam with
And that quiet place where the evening breeze
Brings you peace
I never new
And these joyful games in the secret gardens
I never played in
And these words, like candies in your mouth
I never pronounced
And these places my hands never went to
At the right time
At the right pace
And these open hearts ready to fly
I never saw
And these places my mouth never went to
At the right time
At the right pace
And these beautiful minds
Seeking companionship
For a moment at least
Gone with the wind
And this intimacy from nowhere
That I never found
And this beauty before my eyes
For my joy
For my happiness
For my secret tranquility
Splendid dream
And these words coming with grace
At the right time
At the right pace
I never said

Here you come
Before me to be loved