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Michaela Marie Aragon


Sacramento, CA, US

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Michaela Marie Aragon

Butterflies fly with the wind
not thinking of everyone's sins,
so graceful, yet so carefree,
flying along with the absent-minded trees.
Not knowing where to go, but fluttering with the breeze,
over the mountains and to the seas.
Peaceful enough to find your own way,
looking for something each and everyday.
Finding yourself is the best thing in the world,
even if life is such a big blur.
Not knowing where you are going is such a hard task,
feeling like a butterfly is so precious and free at last.
You'll know who you are inside and out,
and you'll never know how you found out.
So remember this poem in your time of need,
don't be afraid,
but be really relieved.
Be bold and be brave and never have fear,
for the sincere, Butterfly poem is here.