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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Final Collapse in the Blue



Alone in the solitude, she wept;
For her, Love was a mere delusion;
Silent sobs gnawing at her heart;
All turning deaf;
All turning blind;
Smithereens of a broken heart,
Imploring cohesion;
They claimed to love her;
Then, why eclipsed remained the
Injured core;
In the empty smiles,
She tried to content;
Her fortitude belied her;
The mirror mocked at her;
Her existence ceased within her;
Her lips quivering in complaint;
Her eyes shimmering;
In an ocean of unshed tears
immured in her;
Tears were not just tears;
But beads of cold, frozen blood
A bottle of devouring pills on the table
Asking the final courage;
The prelude to a fatal collapse_

A Tribute to Poetry



You are the imprints of my life,
Imprints not those like on sands
which fades away with
little blows of winds & waters,
But like those on the stones
engraved forever,
Mirroring the moments of
cherish & those of perish ,
of bloom & those of gloom,
Rendering my joy octave
& my pains halved,
Dispelling all my fears,
insecurities & the deceptions,
Bringing forth my latent energy,
channellizing my life
on the right path, undeterred,
& you hold no grudges;
You made life worth-living
& realize that
grave is not its goal;
In your consistency,
I content
& reform likewise
A better perspective,
A better introspection,
A self-realization,
How will I ever pay your price?